Chicken Escape

Poor poor chicken! She is lost and needs to get back home to her eggs and chicks. Help her by matching road tiles of the same color. Slide and rotate the tiles with the touch of your finger. Chicken adds a fun twist to the color matching games.


  • Over 80+ levels!
  • Unique twist on color matching genre
  • Bright colorful art in HD!
  • Yes HD! Retina display support
  • Fun country music
  • 4 Modes: Arcade, Time Attack, Rescue, Endurance
  • Supports multi-touch – Play the game with a friend or your children
  • Game Center leaderboards and achievements!
  • Facebook Connect to post your high scores
  • Did you know there are chickens in this game!
How to play:
  • Tap on any tile to rotate
  • Touch and drag to slide any tile
  • Tap the speed up button to speed up the chicken
  • Goal is to get chicken to walk across multiple tiles of the same color
  • To clear a combo simply walk onto a new color
  • The more combos you make the higher the score multiplier gets
  • If chicken gets turned around you will loose the current multiplier