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Dead Squared – Crafting Update!

We just got basic crafting working. I spent today breaking our current weapons down into components used for crafting. There are also 4 basic materials used in crafting along with weapon components. What’s not shown yet is mod components. These components will come from monsters you kill. Once mods are created you can craft them into a weapon.

E3 is coming up!


Sticker Mule, Kickstarter, GDC

Today I got my stickers from
I have to say the quality is really good. I ordered the rounded corner stickers. They feel really durable. Probably due to the vinyl. I suggest getting them to help promote games.

I also backed 2 new projects today on kickstarter.

Planet Explorers

  • This game just looks epic. In terms of gameplay and crafting. I’m interested to see how far this game gets.

Cheap Shot: A video game crowd punching frustration simulator

  • I saw these guys on IGN’s The Next Game Boss season 2. Thought it was hilarious.

zFPS updated on youtube

Another update:



zFPS updated with public Build no.6

So we just added another build for people to mess around with. Still very early WIP. Most of the guns are now in place, and just needs to be setup.

Guns guns guns

Take a look at our steam page zFPS on Steam Greenlight Concept

Or to play the current build directly go here:

zFPS Build no.6 – Guns guns guns


Finally an update!

Who even reads this blog anyways.  I sure get a lot of spam bots making comments.  So what’s going on now at End Boss?  Well, our Playtown concept is off the tables.  Interestingly enough I see an avatar system much like what I had intended on the Unity Asset Store.  I think my idea for what I wanted to achieve with the avatars was just too much to handle for a small indie team.

Since my last post we launched our 2nd game >> Chicken Rescue.  Its been published by Ayopa Games.  It was featured by Apple for a week.  Sales were definitely better this time around but still not enough to get us into the black.

We are now working on our latest game:

Also check out the Steam Greenlight concept page I created:

Here is some early video:

That’s it for now.


Testing out PlayMaker

Just recently bought PlayMaker for Unity3D.

This plugin basically adds visual scripting to Unity3D through state machines. If you’re familiar with Kismet from UDK it’s pretty much the same thing. I’ve only used it for a few hours but this is what I’ve setup so far. A simple movement control setup.


Chicken Escape news!

Some media coverage now on Chicken Escape:

The obligatory puzzle game for the week. Chicken Escape starts you off as a lone chicken in a mixed up world full of tiles with colored roads on them. You don’t control the chicken so much as the board, and your main objective is to make your way to the chicken coop tile after it appears….

Thanks guys! We really appreciate this.

On the development front we just got our avatar system up on iOS. It looks pretty dam sweet I say. There’s going to be a lot of happy kids when we launch this app. Surprisingly the app is only 5MB, and it runs pretty good on iPod 2G. Once we add music and more content I’m sure the app size will double or triple. Goal is still to launch it at under 20MB for initial release. Some other news, the chicken spin off game is on hold. We spent that Friday experimenting with an even more simple concept. Though the concept is simple the code and math behind it is not. We will decide what direction to go once we get a playable.

cya next time.


Just an update

So with the launch of our first game Chicken Escape, some friends have been asking me about sales data. I think we will release the details around the launch of our 2nd game. We plan to write a mini postmortem of sorts. But it will be fairly casual one.

Some of our plans has changed as we are now going to try and slot in a 2nd Chicken themed game first. We figure it would be fun to work on a smaller game while keeping our main focus on the bigger ones. We plan to put aside at least 1 full day a week and half days on the weekends when applicable.

With the first 2 games being more family friendly we also will split them off as Play Town Games Label. End Boss will be used for more core games. The avatar system we been developing is almost ready for preview. It will also launch with the new Play Town Games site….or earlier :)

Here is a preview we left public for anyone to randomly find on youtube :) . I created this video as a request for Unity3D show reel at GDC. Hopefully it makes it! That’s all for now.


Chicken Escape now up on the app store!

If you’re reading this..then click the links below


Chicken Escape – All versions ‘In Review’

Only days now…or day? All four version of Chicken Escape now with status ‘In Review’. Makes me feel very happy. Fingers cross and hope they all get through submission process. Reminds me of the days where we submit to Sony or MS. At least this does not cost thousands of dollars for a fail report haha.

Anyways get your pocket change out because Chicken is coming! We already have an update planned for around March/April once we launch Playtown!