Chicken Escape news!

Some media coverage now on Chicken Escape:

The obligatory puzzle game for the week. Chicken Escape starts you off as a lone chicken in a mixed up world full of tiles with colored roads on them. You don’t control the chicken so much as the board, and your main objective is to make your way to the chicken coop tile after it appears….

Thanks guys! We really appreciate this.

On the development front we just got our avatar system up on iOS. It looks pretty dam sweet I say. There’s going to be a lot of happy kids when we launch this app. Surprisingly the app is only 5MB, and it runs pretty good on iPod 2G. Once we add music and more content I’m sure the app size will double or triple. Goal is still to launch it at under 20MB for initial release. Some other news, the chicken spin off game is on hold. We spent that Friday experimenting with an even more simple concept. Though the concept is simple the code and math behind it is not. We will decide what direction to go once we get a playable.

cya next time.